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Please send this document before the end of the month. I'm suddenly very thirsty. She's browsing through the calendar. Elbrus is Europe's highest mountain. Why are you just sitting there? He worked from morning till evening. I sleep naked. The night falls fast in winter. He was wearing nothing but his underwear. The bus can carry a maximum of forty people.

Leif arrived a little after 2:30. I have not read all the books.

She loves flowers and plants. Kyoko is lying on the grass.

She loves me dearly. I don't see why I need to do this. I'm never helping you again. He went abroad for the purpose of studying English. This sentence is not French. It's insanely complex.

It was working. It's bad manners to talk during a concert.

All you have to do is to clean your room.

I'm not taking any chances.

The streets are dangerous at night. I live in Hyogo Prefecture. God knows that it is true. I can't let anyone stop me.

Have you not learned to respect others? I don't hate school. In this show, the accent is on robots. No was a waiter. He went abroad for the purpose of studying English.

Don't worry. I'll be careful. Hugh didn't need any sort of help. Be sure to telephone by Friday, OK? God helps those who help themselves.

Nobody can disturb a true friendship. We're doing this to help Andries. She insisted that I should pay the bill.

Do you know why he put off his departure?

Who is younger, him or me? Tell Sidney that I need his help. Spudboy and Julia are doing fine.

The kiwi is a flightless bird of comparable size to the chicken. King announced to Oliver that he would soon have a new brother. I should've quit while I was ahead. I'm sure Annie doesn't know either. Arnold was hit by a car. Loukas asked Knute if she knew John. I'll ask him. Emil didn't seem to understand what was happening. I may be late for dinner. You'll get plenty of chances to meet girls when you go to college.

I wanted to go to Paris. They're all equal. We paid them back everything we owed them. How are the kids? It is upon awakening that we realize it was a dream. I am going to the store now.

It's been raining for almost a week. She has a great body. No one believes what Rodney says anymore.

In Colombia, the population is classified into social strata ranging from one to six, one being the poorest and six being the richest. I didn't say, that you could give your opinion. This might seem counter-intuitive. He plays beach volleyball. You need to fix it. I was too excited to look her in the eyes. I should be at work now. The older Anatole gets, the more unbearable she becomes.

The company provides them with uniforms. It doesn't pay to talk with him. The stepmother sneered at Cinderella. Tell us what you think. Do exactly what we tell you to do. I need to spend less time at work and more time with my family. That doesn't matter anymore. You are really very good. I think I had better have my sweater mended. She likes blue dresses.

I would not be the same without you. Hard work never hurt anyone. I can't imagine why. The revised bus timetables have caused a raft of complaints from the public. "I think I really love you, Joshua." "I love you too."